Life Therapy For Life started with one goal in mind- bring to market a photo light therapy device that is effective, fast acting, and absolutely do not cost an arm and a leg to get! After years of research and our own independent trials, we realized a very simple thing, keep it simple. The result is a line of photo therapy devices designed for the home consumer- one that is portable, easy to use and provides real life results.

Our line up of photo therapy devices consist of 4 separate and very specific wavelengths of light, each housed in a compact unit designed to be flexible enough to take with you to the gym or on vacation, yet as powerful if not even more powerful than our competitors much larger and bulkier units. We only use the finest of materials, and better still, we use light emitting diodes that are engineered for deep penetration. Our leds are up to 5 times more powerful than what you may see else where, and with such an incredibly narrow focus that none of its optical potential is wasted If you have been thinking about giving light therapy a try, now’s the time!